2gm CBD Crystal™


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(2000mg) Pharmaceutical grade CBD crystals derived from organic, non-GMO, Colorado grown hemp. 99%+ pure CBD.

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2gm CBD Crystal™

Our CBD Crystals are made using Colorado organically grown hemp which is then processed in a facility using cGMP protocols.

  • Made from non-GMO, pesticide free, CO2 extracted, Colorado hemp oil
  • Ingredients: 99+% CBD isolate “powder”
  • Highest quality CBD Crystal™ and lowest price CBD Crystal™
  • Wholesale CBD Crystal™ isolate
  • For best results add CBD Crystal™ isolate to an oil or food with high EFA’s (essential fatty acids) which increase the bioavailability of the CBD Crystal™ isolate
  • Add CBD Crystal™ isolate to any food or drink for a healthier way of life

What are CBD Crystals?

CBD Crystals are another name for CBD isolate or pure CBD. It is called “CBD Crystals” because in the process of converting hemp into pure CBD, the CBD molecules are forced to crystalize and form actual crystals. The crystals are ground down into a powder which is used in CBD products.

What is Cannabidiol Crystalline?

Cannabidiol Crystalline is another name for CBD Crystals or CBD isolate. CBD’s is the abbrevation of Cannabidiol and Crystals are short for Crystalline.

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20 reviews for 2gm CBD Crystal™

  1. kelvin c. (verified owner)

    love the product wish they didn’t have a limit on their coupons

  2. kim kaluza (verified owner)

  3. melody hillier (verified owner)

    Works great, made gummies and it blends right in!

  4. Jaredd Branner (verified owner)

    Potentially a great product or even the best. The cheapest I could find after the coupon for now. When received the moisture pulled the product into the bad or there was a leak or something. What really got me wasn’t the company’s fault, but it was not organic, there was lead and arsenic which does worry me. I guess I should have researched the process of making your product more. Based on the (Coa) I wasn’t really sure if I should be smoking or ingesting the product compared to other companies(I’m trying to be organic). when tasting the product it did have thc to me or some type of entourage effect from the low amounts or something unknown, so I did feel it vs diamond CBD when I just get a non-high-rush, but that’s probably not your fault to a degree I’ve been smoking for a decade now. with that though I’m pretty sure it could have zero percent THC and I could still feel something. Also after tasting my stomach did feel slightly sick, but not as bad as trying nano CBD for the first time. once again this could be me. When I buy hemp I waste hours researching and or searching for items. I am trying to be as organic as possible to increase my lifespan recently. Also, I do collect products and save them over years and take care of them. Something I would like to see is a crystalline product, not a powder because every company does an isolate. It kind of seems like your companies correct on the labeling of the crystal form, but then it comes back to what he said she said possible. another thing I wanna see over time is a cleaner product, I won’t say how I feel after 40 minutes of trying, but I feel you can do better here(good product bad process is probably what is happening). Thank you for your support

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fast ,100% legit im not a bot this is a real comment if yall can see this THANKYOU BERRY MUCH MY GUD FRIEND

  6. kelvin c. (verified owner)

    thanks fast shipping

  7. kelvin c. (verified owner)

    has not been delivered yet!!!!

  8. kelvin c. (verified owner)

    good price,good company

  9. linda (verified owner)

    Mark was friendly and very helpful! My order came very quickly and was carefully wrapped. I’m in the process of testing out my first batch of CBD with a hemp oil mixture. So far so good!

  10. Robin W. (verified owner)

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