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Pharmaceutical grade CBG isolate derived from organic, non-GMO, Colorado grown hemp. 99%+ pure CBG. CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids which means cannabinoids such as CBD or THC started out as CBG and were converted during the plants life cycle. CBD has not been studied very much but feedback from customers are positive overall. It is recommended that CBG be taken with some other cannabinoids and or cannabis derived terpenes.


CBG Isolate

  • Try it FREE. Made from non-GMO, CO2 extracted, Colorado hemp oil
 Ingredients: 99+% CBG isolate “powder”
  • Highest quality at the lowest price
  • For best results add CBG to an oil or food with high EFA’s (essential fatty acids) which increase the bioavailability
  • Add CBG to any food or drink for a healthier way of life

What is CBG isolate?

CBG is derived from hemp plants which contain .3 total THC or less. CBG is the precursor cannabinoid to CBD and THC along with other minor cannabinoids.Most hemp genetics contain only small amounts of CBG, under 1%. Lately, certain hemp genetics, created by breeders, contain higher levels up to 15%.


What are the benefits?

CBG Research

Will CBG get me high?


How do you use CBG Isolate?

CBG Isolate comes in a powder form and similar to CBD Isolate, CBG can be infused into liquids and foods. For best results ingest CBG with a food or liquid high in EFA’s (essential fatty acids) which have been shown to increase the bio-availability of cannabinoids.

CBG and EFA’s

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