Cherry Abacus™ CBG Shatter (Terp Coral)


  • Product size: 1gm
  • Sweet and fruity cherry flavor with hints of wild berry (Original Cherry x Abacus)
  • Made with Cherry Abacus terpenes and 99% pure CBG crystals
  • ALL terpenes extracted from cannabis/hemp
  • Derived from Colorado greenhouse grown hemp

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Cherry Abacus™ CBG Shatter (Terp Coral)

CBD Crystal’s CBG Shatter (Terp Coral) is one of our best-selling products. To make CBG shatter, the CBD Crystal way, we start with high quality greenhouse grown cultivar specific hemp flower. Our flower is grown, dried, and cured to perfection. Then our extraction team will extract all of the cannabis oils from the hemp flower using our proprietary extraction method. The team will fraction off the cannabis terpenes without destroying any of the cannabis terpene profile as terpenes are the most volatile part of the cannabis plant.


Cherry Abacus Terp Coral also known as “CBG Shatter” has a very high level of cannabis terpenes compared to other CBG concentrates. Cherry Abacus Terp Coral (CBG Shatter) combines cultivar specific cannabis terpenes derived from Cherry Abacus hemp flower and 99% pure CBD Crystal.

How Shatter is Made

Cherry Abacus Terp Coral (CBG Shatter) is made by putting dried, cured, greenhouse grown Cherry Abacus hemp flower through a hydrocarbon extraction machine. This machine uses negative temperatures to reduce degradation of the cannabis terpenes. The cannabis oil is then run through a fractional distillation machine which separates the cannabis terpenes of the Cherry Abacus hemp flower from the cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. The cannabis terpenes are then infused into 99% pure CBD Crystal

How to Use 

Cherry Abacus Terp Coral is best when dabbed at low to medium temperatures, 350 to 450 degrees F. CBG Shatter is meant to be broken up into small pieces about 1/10 of a gram per dab.

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