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Mile High Moose THCA Flower

Mile High Moose THCA Flower

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The Mile High Moose THCA strain is a captivating and potentially unique cannabis variety characterized by its distinct flavor profile. It combines earthy cheese notes with sour berry undertones, creating a sensory experience that is both intriguing and delightful. The earthy cheese aroma offers a deep, rich scent reminiscent of matured cheese or even a subtle musk, providing a robust and grounding base for the strain. The sour berry undertones add a layer of complexity, introducing a tart and fruity dimension that balances the overall scent. This combination of flavors not only makes Mile High Moose THCA strain appealing to the olfactory senses but also adds depth to the overall cannabis experience. Users may anticipate a flavorful and potentially relaxing encounter with this strain, making it an exciting choice for those seeking both sensory and therapeutic pleasures in their cannabis consumption.

Cross of (sour diesel x G13) x SFV OG x modified moose

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